Our Services

Our services enable financial services to create a haven for their customers.

Payment Fraud

Our payment fraud technology enables financial services to prevent someone from stealing another person's payment information and uses it to make unauthorized transactions or purchases from the actual owner of the payment information.

Identity Fraud

Our identity fraud technology enables financial services to safeguard the personal information of customers; monitor records of customers to alert their customers of certain transactions and status changes.

Account Takeover

Our account takeover technology enables financial services to prevent a hacker from gaining unauthorized access to their customers account with malicious intent as the attacker may seek to profit, disrupt service delivery, or generate fraudulent transactions.

About Us

Our mission is to ensure the safety and security of all financial transactions.


Hoot Secure Ltd is a Ghanaian tech startup co-founded by two Ghanaian entrepreneurs with the mission to build the most advanced technologies that ensure the safety and security of all financial transactions.

Hoot's technology is a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) that will integrate with existing systems of financial transaction companies. The SDK analyze customer behavior, transaction patterns, and various data points to identify potentially fraudulent activities.

Why Choose Us

Advanced Technology

Our technology is built to work with all technology stacks of fintech, banks and telcos. Our technology makes is safe for e-money issuers to safely focus on expanding the continent’s need for financial inclusion and digitalization.


The Hoot platform is built and managed by experienced and seasoned engineers in diverse fields and knowledge of financial security. The experience from the Hoot team provides security, assurance, and high performance for customers of Hoot.


Hoot is passionate about mitigating financial transaction fraud and as a result has built up a team of experts to assist their engineers build out the best and most advanced technologies to combat it and build confidence in e-money usage.

Executive Team

Kane Mani

Co-founder & Board Chair

Kane Mani is a Ghanaian technology entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience in co-founding, running and building technology companies. Kane co-founded Origgin in 2010 and has served as it’s CEO since. Origgin is a technology company focused on creating technologies to manufacture, develop and sell electricity. Origgin’s mission is to make electricity available and accessible to everyone in Africa. Origgin’s goal is harness the power of the sun in Africa to develop clean electricity for the masses and solve Africa’s energy crisis. Kane also serves as the Co-founder and CEO of Gudu Studios, a video game company on a mission to democratize games across Africa. Gudu Studios was co-founded in 2019. Gudu’s goal is to build games people love and develop a thriving gaming economy in Africa. Since 2014, Kane has been involved in accelerating technology adoption and development across Ghana with A Day In Tech, a monthly technology development seminar.

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Kwabena Otchere

Co-founder & CEO

Kwabena Okyere is a serial entrepreneur and VC with a focus on disrupting industries and collaborating with like-minded people. He attended J Mac Robinson College of Business in Atlanta, Georgia with a major in finance. He is amongst the pioneers of the e-cigarette industry with his own brand Treasure Hookah distributed internationally. He is the founder of a supplies and services company to oil and gas, mining, shipping and government institutions called Treasure Island Logics Enterprises Limited. His interest in cyber security is adumbrated by the current rise in financial fraud in the continent and to redirect the African youth in solving problems in the financial space via tech. We are very excited about HOOT, and look forward to the contribution of reliable payment security and the inclusion of African men and women in Tech.

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What victims of financial fraud are saying?